IECC 2009/2012 Inspections

IECC 2009/2012 Verification

The current IECC 2009/2012 code now has mandatory testing that is to be performed by a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) Rater. The rater will perform various code compliance testing with the blower door (air leakage in the envelope) and duct blaster (air leakage in the duct system).

IECC-2012, requires blower door and duct leakage testing for every home that is built.

The code now allows two options for in the design process to meet the current code..

Performance Path - We use REM Rate Software for Energy Modeling & Testing Requirements
Prescriptive Path - Mandatory Requirements & Testing


Epa AirPlus program
Ensure the air quality within your home is where it should be.
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Drone inspection

Drone Inspection for Realtors and home inspectors.
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Energy Star Version 3

Being an Energy Star Partner allows us to properly identify proper building methods so you can always be assured of quality construction.
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