Recycling is an easy way to help reduce your impact

Contact your local garbage pick up company or recycling station and find out what you need to do to properly recycle your trash. Often times it can be picked up from your home.

Recycling can even make you money if you decide to put in a little more effort. Find out what local efforts are being made and even set one up for your community.


Heating System
Regular maintenance can help your heating system work at its peak efficiency.
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cooling System
Cooling costs are often times your highest cost of all energy usage. Learn how to lower your costs.
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Other Projects

Air Sealing
Air sealing is the #1 improvement you can make to your home. Find out why.
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Insulation is the second greatest improvement you can make to your home. See if your have enough.
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Energy Star Appliances
New Energy Star appliances can pay for themselves over time. Check out your appliances today.
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Save 75% or more on your lighting energy cost.
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